Crowntail Betta

The Crown Tail Betta has a striking, elaborate tail that differentiates it from other Bettas.

Betta Smaragdina

Betta smaragdina, or the Emerald green betta is a species of Betta. They are anabantoids, and breathe air.

Betta Splendens Dragon

features a rich strong base colour, often red, with the scales on the main part of the body a pale iridescent, sometimes copper colour.

Betta Spawning

Spawning Betta.

Betta Mahachai

The way to identify the Mahachai has green or blue gill plates with no wild spots on the tail rays.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Female Betta

Female betta fish have shorter fins compare with male, and with less vibrant bright colors. But at this moment with many genetic created, some female betta fish can display as much colorful than male.  

Normally when females betta breeding she will display horizontal stripes or a vertical lines across their body when they flare with male betta. Mean they are ready for egg laying.  
Female betta fish are raised in large tanks along with other females. So female Bettas are unaffectedly used to a type of community living and are much more resistant of having other female bettas in the tank.   
Keep in mind that this is normal behavior of female bettas compare with male a bit aggressive. Keeping male and female together in the community tank is not a good idea but can work sometimes. As long they were been feed well with many other fishes around them sometimes the betta male won’t aggressive and if the male came from the same group when they grow up together.  

Female seen to be very easy to sexing them. When you will notice a egg sticking at the bottom of the abdomen side. Male is opposite. Sometimes some female with colorful look and with a bigger body but as long they have the white dot sticking at bottom it is a female betta.

Sexing the female betta

Spoting the female betta.